You never taught your kids Latin. How will they ever make a decent SAT score without Latin?!

You let little Mary quit piano. If only you’d encouraged her to keep practicing.

Sam is old enough to drive, but he still can’t identify a single tree in the yard. Well… maybe he could identify a pine, but don’t ask him if it’s a loblolly or a longleaf! Your husband was right: you should have joined scouts.

Mom guilt: it’s real—and moms aren’t the only ones who carry it. From never quite getting around to teaching basic car mechanics to forgetting to teach the gentle art of opening doors, plenty of dads carry guilt, too.

Are you ready to kiss that mom guilt goodbye? Here is the one sentence that you need to let it go.

“I am doing the best I can, and that is enough.”

There will be holes in education no matter where our kids go to school, no matter who their teachers are, and no matter which curricula you use (or avoid!) By letting go of guilt over all the things we could be doing, which are almost always very good things, we are freed to enjoy time with our children today—which is the best thing of all.