Sometimes parts of homeschooling feel really overwhelming! This is especially true for some during the high school years and preparing for college. But we believe you can do it and we are here to help! I want to point you to a few fantastic resources that will give you what you need to prepare your homeschool student for college.

First, you’ll want to watch the recording of a super informative webinar we did yesterday. Go here to sign up to get free access to the recording. Here are the topics that cover in the webinar.

What to Do Throughout High School
• How to determine what courses to take
• What to look for in outside activities
• Dual enrollment
• Tests to know about
• Record keeping

Getting into College
• Researching colleges and determining what to look for
• Applying to colleges
• Transcripts
• Financial aid

Be sure also to visit the Homeschooling High School section on our website.

We have compiled some of the best sessions from our Thrive! Homeschool Conference on this topic as well.

When you are equipped with the information and encouragement you need, you can homeschool with confidence and joy!