Parent of Preschoolers - 2014 NCHE Conference

Parents who meet the following criteria are invited to the 2014 Homeschool Conference & Book Fair free of charge as part of our "Parents of Preschoolers" scholarship.

  1.  Your oldest child cannot be older than 4 years of age (5th birthday must be after Sept. 1, 2014). 
  2.  You or your spouse must never have attended the NCHE Conference. 

By complete this application, you are testify that you meet the above criteria.

Deadline for Parents of Preschoolers scholarship registration is April 23, 2014.


Registration Type
The Parents of Preschoolers program covers the cost of adults attending the conference. Therefore, an Individual or Married Couple who qualify have their conference registration fees waived. However, if the Individual or Married Couple qualify and are bringing their young children to the conference, the registration fee for accompanying children still applies.
Parent of Preschoolers
  If your spouse is attending, please provide name for registration records

Please Note: If children ages 2-4 are attending, select Family Pass.