24 Oct 2012

Our NCHE board of directors recently met for a three day planning meeting. The stated goals of NCHE are to provide, promote and protect. We strive to provide information and support for those of you who homeschool. We promote homeschooling as a great way to educate children. We work to protect your right to direct your children’s education and homeschool in this state. During our meetings, much time was spent discussing how we can better serve you.

The face of homeschooling has changed quite a bit over the years and that presents many new challenges for us as an organization. The motivations for homeschooling may not always be the same as they were for those of us who started many years ago. The methods of homeschooling may not even be the same. We are adapting and are in the process of making changes in what we offer through our website, annual conference, seminars and other avenues, and we’ll work to keep you updated on everything that’s happening. We want you to know we are working hard to be a valuable resource for each of you.

One group we especially want to target is new homeschoolers. Statistically a large percentage will quit within the first three years. We realize those who have been at it longer also have needs, and we can’t ignore them, but the “newbies” really need our help so they will stay in the game for the long haul. I would like to challenge you to help other homeschoolers, especially those who are new at it, by doing the following:

  • Encourage someone! We all need encouragement along the way and one reason moms (and dads) decide to quit is they become discouraged because they don’t have anyone cheering them on.
  • Be a mentor to a less experienced homeschooler. Remember how you felt when you first began homeschooling? Take some time to help someone. And besides, it’s good for you, too.
  • Do them a favor; don’t paint a perfect picture of your homeschool! Be real with them. Many become discouraged because they feel they fall short of the standard the “pros” have set.

We stress teamwork in our organization, and we consider each of you part of the team. If you have ideas on how we can best support and encourage new homeschoolers, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for your help and support!