It would be impossible to list all the reasons to homeschool—more family time, greater freedom, and academic excellence are only the beginning.  But of all the reasons, common or crazy, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anyone say that they homeschool for the hugs. One of my kids hugs me a lot.  Today I wondered: who would hug him if he went to a brick and mortar school?  What if he was discouraged from hugging people so often, or what if he stopped encouraging folks all together?  This gentle, sweet, sensitive kid, who is known for his optimism and perpetual joy, would actually lose part of his innate personality.  That thought made me profoundly sad. Perhaps your child is a questioner who asks you ten million questions a day.  As a homeschooling parent, you have time to engage all her questions.  You can nurture her gift of curiosity, and who knows?  She could make a wonderful discovery someday. Or maybe your child is dancey and constantly pirouettes from space to space all day, bounces and somersaults from the sofa to the recliner, or prefers to sing her weekly spelling words instead of writing them.  In a traditional classroom, there simply isn’t room for individuality from 30 children, but there is plenty of room for free expression in our homes. The opportunity to let our kids just be who they were created to be might be a good answer the next time someone asks why we homeschool. Tell us your bigger why for choosing homeschool in the comments below.