by NCHE Guest Contributor Cynthia White

Fall is a season of change.

Coronavirus has forced us to slow down and see the world in a different manner. In spite of the circumstances you see before you, remember to bloom where you are planted in the midst of this pandemic. You are cultivating growth.

Homeschooling parents, you are cultivating a love of learning! Do not focus on the model, but on the concept that each of us is capable of learning and gaining knowledge through self-discovery, books, and even the internet.

You are planting seeds of perseverance, modeling that in tough times we do NOT give up! Instead we move forward in the spirit of victory. You have been called to teach your children. Do not take this task lightly and miss the wonderful opportunities in front of you. You are planting seeds of positivity. Your children are learning how to take an unknown
situation and flip it toward the greater good.

You are cultivating togetherness by spending precious time with your children. Take time to snuggle on the couch and read a book, or play digital games together. You are cultivating comfort and confidence as they see you doing something that you’ve never done before or weren’t prepared to do. Take pride in being able to guide and mentor your children through this season of growth.

We celebrate educators all over the world and their dedication to educating a generation that is our future. Remember, mothers and fathers, your children’s first learning experiences start at home with you. Use this opportunity to reconnect and nurture your children. Together, bloom where you are planted.

Cynthia recommends God’s Word as seeds for the soul: Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 43:19 and Psalm 55:22.

Cynthia White is a veteran homeschooling mother of a rising freshman and a 2018 graduate. She strives daily to walk closer with Jesus, live with purpose, and explore the length and width of this adventure called life, with her husband and daughters.

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