Have you “had it up to here” with homeschooling your boys? They are a special kind of student! If we listen to our culture, there are no differences between boys and girls. But any common sense observation tells you otherwise, and so does the research. Boys and girls learn differently. It is such a relief to accept this reality and make the proper adjustments so that your boys can learn in the way that God created them to learn.

I sat down with Andrew Pudewa (creator of Excellence in Writing) in Virginia a few weeks back for an interview. One of the topics that emerged was the research behind how girls and boys learn differently and how we can make some helpful adjustments. Below you can view the part of our interview that addressed this topic. Some of the practical take-aways include:

  • Girls and boys learn differently and use their brains differently. 
  • Girls hear quieter sounds than boys. When boys can’t follow what is going on, they get bored very quickly.
  • Girls are more sensitive to volume, so be careful about raising your voice.
  • Help boys learn how to pay attention and develop the skill of listening.
  • Boys are not good at being still. Making them sit down often does not facilitate learning. 

The rest of the full interview covered challenges and tips on how to teach writing. This is a daunting task for many of us! If you’d like to see the portion of the interview on teaching writing, then join us on the NCHE Facebook page for a Watch Party on October 20 @ 3pm.

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