Many families are trying out homeschooling for the first time. Some feel forced to do it because of difficult circumstances. Some are doing it temporarily, just until they can get back to school. Some are reluctantly doing it, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Some are finally fed up with the social influence and educational content of public schools.

The good news is that no matter why people begin, most people who try homeschooling end up loving it! Most parents who start keep going. Those of us who are convinced it is wonderful believe in homeschooling for many reasons. NCHE’s “I Believe in Homeschooling” video (below) is a wonderful reminder of those reasons. Here are a few of the things families love about homeschooling.


  • TIME together as a family, learning, playing, exploring, laughing, talking.
  • It is FUN! 
  • The ability to pursue INDIVIDUAL interests and needs.
  • Children get better PREPARED for the future.
  • It is more RELAXED; there is not as much pressure.
  • It WORKS! “I’m pretty smart.”
  • You can work at your own PACE
  • The FREEDOM to choose when, where, what, and how to learn.
  • The opportunity to ADVANCE in certain subjects
  • The opportunity to develop CHARACTER, maturity, independence, confidence, and self-management.
  • The opportunity to raise the next generation of Christ-centered, biblically anchored, WORLD-CHANGERS.
  • The freedom to teach Christian VALUES and truth in all subjects.
  • A chance to learn how to LEARN well.