Parents often struggle to have an open and positive relationship with their children. We are trying to train and correct them, which they often do not appreciate. We create limitations and enforce compliance with discipline. This also introduces tension.

However, the manner in which we engage our children and (if we are honest with ourselves) our own weaknesses also contribute to the tension in our relationships. I believe it is possible to have an open and positive relationship with our children. More importantly, I believe such a relationship is foundational for Christian parents who want to help their children follow Jesus. 

In this short video, I give three tips for developing a strong relationship with our children. I explain ways that we can show respect to our children, spend time with our children, and have real conversations with our children. 

This video is a clip from our webinar Discipleship at Home. If you’d like to watch the rest of the webinar you can sign up here to watch it for free.

– Matthew McDill, NCHE Executive Director