January and February are often hard months for homeschool. It’s cold. The days are shorter. There’s less daylight. Many of our favorite outdoor activities have shorter operating hours. And this year, many of our favorite indoor winter activities are closed. You are at the halfway point in your school year, and the homeschool finish line may seem arduous or even impossible to reach.

It is important to remember that some years your children may achieve success with trophies, awards, certificates, or phenomenal test scores. Congratulate your kids (and yourselves!) and celebrate! Other years, your children may see different types of wins like personal growth in responsibility, self-awareness, or stepping into the hobbies that inspire them. Congratulate your kids (and yourselves!) and celebrate!

As you dig your heels into the second semester of your homeschool year, now is the time to channel your inner coaching skills. Are you ready? It’s half time. You’re the coach. You may be tired; your team is definitely tired. They’ve had a solid first half. Reassure your kids that the end is in sight, and you believe your family has what it takes to finish strong. Remember the obstacles you’ve already overcome as a team, and remind your children that you’ll be with them, cheering them on every step of the way.

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