This week, an amazing story of loyalty and integrity made the headlines—perhaps you saw it. Former NBA pro-basketball player Delonte West had fallen on hard times. When Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (one of the teams for which West played) found out, Cuban went to find West and offer help. You can read the story here.

This story made a remarkable impression on me. Immediately, I saw the correlation between the relationship between these two gentlemen and the parable of the shepherd, the ninety-nine sheep, and the one who was lost. I thought of my own family and my community: the homeschool community.

Are homeschool families this loyal? Do we have the fervor to go out of our way to seek out those among us who are struggling—simply because they are ours to love and care for? What about those who have fallen on hard times, or those who are discouraged, ill, or alone?

When we look to the example of many first-generation homeschoolers, we see that what makes the homeschool community great is our willingness to humbly love and serve one another—in good times, and especially in hard times. I have observed deep fidelity in the homeschool community as moms drive one another to receive cancer treatments, pray for one another at co-op, and dads step in to help others rebuild after storms.

As homeschooling grows, I know that seasoned homeschool families will mentor new families in reading, writing, arithmetic, and high school transcripts. I earnestly hope we are also mindful shepherds who do not let our devotion to caring for one another fall by the wayside.

Mark Cuban’s financial, philanthropic, and industrial accomplishments are truly inspiring and remarkable. But whenever someone says his name from now on, this story of his willingness to love his friend is what I will always remember about him. I hope that the way homeschoolers care for one another is what will be remembered of us.

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