5 Jun 2013

On February 9, NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) sponsored the second annual state swim meet with fifty-two swimmers representing teams in Asheville, Clinton and Raleigh, along with seven independent swimmers from various areas of the state. Both the boy’s and girl’s championships were won by the Raleigh Seahawks. The meet was conducted under National Federation of High School Rules, and the meet officials were NC Swim Certified Officials. NCHEAC has initiated plans to secure NC Swim sanctioning for the annual meet in 2014. For complete results, go to www.ncheac.com.

Swim Meet Results

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
1  Raleigh Seahawks A Relay 1    Asheville Trailblazers A Relay
    Basden, Will     Moretz, Indya
    Hager, Johnathan     Aiello, Claudia
    Hargett, David     Wallace, Ariel
    Finneran, Sean     Payne, Meredith
2  Clinton Barracudas A Relay 2    Raleigh Seahawks A Relay
    Bradshaw, Joel     Schnoor, Laura
    Linton, Alec     Fernandez, Lili
    Johnson, Joseph     Hager, Samantha
    Bradley, Eli     Finneran, Rachel
3  Raleigh Seahawks B Relay 3    Raleigh Seahawks B Relay
    Martin, Alec     Jacob, Rachel
    Walker, Stephen     Gordon, Christa
    Hargett, Joel     Hager, Ariel
    Martin, Chandler     Jacob, Hannah
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1    Key, Zachary U 1    Dodson, Emma R
2    Moretz, Drake A 2    Payne, Meredith A
3    Hargett, Joel R 3    Finneran, Trissa R
Boys 200 Yard IM Girls 200 Yard IM
1    Hager, Johnathan R 1    Schnoor, Laura R
2    Loew, Harry A 2    Johnson, Elizabeth C
3    Martin, Alec R 3    Wallace, Rachel A
Boys 50 Yard Freestyle     Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
1    Hargett, David R 1    Clark, Anna Grace R
2    Finneran, Sean     R 2    Finneran, Rachel R
3    Mills, Peter U 3    Payne, Meredith A
Boys 100 Yard Butterfly Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
1    Williams, Michael A 1    Wallace, Ariel A
2    Basden, Will R 2    Moretz, Indya A
3    Hargett, Joel R 3    Fernandez, Lili R
Boys 100 Yard Freestyle Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
1    Key, Zachary U 1    Wallace, Ariel A
2    Hargett, David R 2    Clark, Anna Grace R
3    Mills, Peter U 3    Finneran, Rachel R
Boys 500 Yard Freestyle Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1    Williams, Michael A 1    Dodson, Emma R
2    Pashby, Jack R 2    Hager, Ariel R
3    Pashby, Bill R  
  Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 1  Raleigh Seahawks A Relay
1  Raleigh Seahawks A Relay     Dodson, Emma
    Basden, Will     Clark, Anna Grace
    Hager, Johnathan     Finneran, Rachel
    Hargett, David     Fernandez, Lili
    Finneran, Sean      2  Asheville Trailblazers A Relay
2   Raleigh Seahawks B Relay     Edwards, Hannah
    Pashby, Bill     Wallace, Rachel
    Finneran, Torin     Haire, Leah
    Schnoor, Aaron     Wallace, Ariel
    Pashby, Jack 3  Raleigh Seahawks Relay B
      Gordon, Christa
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke     Jacob, Rachel
1    Basden, Will R     Pashby, Shannon
2    Moretz, Drake A     Jacob, Hannah
3    Johnson, Joseph C  
  Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke 1    Moretz, Indya R
1    Hager, Johnathan R 2    Schnoor, Laura R
2    Linton, Alec C 3    Jacob, Rachel R
3    Schnoor, Aaron R  
  Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay 1    Fernandez, Lili R
1  Raleigh Seahawks A Relay 2    Hager, Samantha R
    Hargett, Joel 5    Aiello, Claudia A
    Pashby, Bill  
    Walker, Stephen Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
    Pashby, Jack 1  Raleigh Seahawks A Relay
2  Raleigh Seahawks B Relay     Dodson, Emma
    Martin, Alec     Hager, Samantha
    Schnoor, Aaron     Schnoor, Laura
    Finneran, Torin     Clark, Anna Grace
    Martin, Chandler 2  Raleigh Seahawks B Relay
      Shanton, Kalya
      Finneran, Trissa
      Shanton, Mariah
      Hager, Arielt

Winning team—Raleigh Seahawks