16 Jan 2013

Leslie Woodley, the state champion for the Forsyth Hawks, crossing the finish line first.

On October 20, the 2012 NCHE Athletic Commission Cross Country Meet was held in Winston-Salem. We had nearly fifty percent more participants this year than in 2011 with a total of sixty-seven runners. The winning time in the boys division posted by Andrew Robinson at 17:46 was nearly 1.5 minutes faster than in 2011 even though the distance was about 600 feet longer. (The course was a little short in 2011.) There were eight times posted in the boys division this year that were faster than last year’s winning time! These numbers reflect the training many of you have been doing all year long. The girls division winner from last year graduated and so we had a new girls champion, as well, with Leslie Woodley of Forsyth at 20:37.

State championship boys team: left to right, Tanner Besosa, Tucker Besosa, Grant Dockery, Andrew Robinson (boys individual state champion), Stuart Voigt, Philip Gibson, Lance Morsell

In the 2012 NCHEAC Boys Varsity Cross Country the team results were, in order: Asheville, 24 points, Forsyth, 41, Surry, 76, and High Point 100. Individual boys varsity times were: Asheville, Andrew Robinson, 17:46; Asheville, Philip Gibson, 18:52; Asheville, Lance Morsell, 18:54; Surry, Hunter Sawyers, 19:06; Forsyth, David Hamilton, 19:07; Forsyth, Daniel Shirley, 19:09; Forsyth, Andre Falardeau, 19:10; Asheville, Stuart Voight, 19:14; Forsyth, Quinn Jenkins, 19:14; Asheville, Grant Dockery, 19:19.

The state championship girls team: left to right: Meredith Corts, Maggie Walker, Sarah Doub, Kenzie Collins, Amber Dumont, Nan Gordon, Annalise Meyer, Anna Hamilton, Casey Mahoney, Leslie Woodley (not pictured: Cate Gordon)

In the 2012 NCHEAC Girls Varsity Cross Country the team results were, Forsyth, 15 points and Surry, 50. Individual girls varsity times were: Forsyth, Leslie Woodley, 20:37; Forsyth, Nan Gordon, 21:07; Forsyth, Cate Gordon, 21:21; Forsyth, Ana Hamilton, 21:34; Forsyth, Meredith Corts, 22:45; Forsyth, Sarah Doub, 22:46; Forsyth, Kenzie Collins, 23:47; Forsyth, Analise Meyer, 23:54; Surry, Krissa Hill, 24:20; Surry, Sydney Bedsaul, 25:01.

Did you know:

  • The foot race is 5 kilometers (5 K) or approximately 3.1 miles.
  • The course is a combination of surfaces: pavement, grass, dirt paths, wooded trails, etc.
  • The team with the lowest score wins.
  • The order a runner finishes determines the points. The first place finisher received 1 point; the fifth place finisher received 5 points.
  • A team’s first five finishers provide the team’s total score.