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Thrive! Equiping, Encouraging and Connecting
Conference Program Ad Application
May 31-June 2, 2018
M. C. Benton Convention Center Winston-Salem, NC

Advertising space is available in our conference program. We are expecting approximately 7,500 attendees at our conference this year. Each adult attendee will receive a conference program upon arrival. The conference program will also be placed online prior to the conference. Please take a moment to review the enclosed specifications for ad submission. Ads must be submitted in one of our required formats by April 16, 2018. Payment, order form and the ad must also be received by this deadline. If you are a vendor participating in this year’s conference, take advantage of this opportunity to draw conference attendees to your booth space. If you are not in the conference this year, it could be a great opportunity to get the word out about your company. If you have any questions, please contact the NCHE office at 1 (844) NCHE-EDU // 1 (844) 624-3338 ext. 5 or

Company Information
Print Ad Selection


Full Color Ads:                             Submission Deadline: 4/16/2018

Ad Size & Type:



Outside Back Cover

8.5x11" with bleed 8.75x11.25"


Inside Front Cover

8.5x11" with bleed 8.75x11.25"


Inside Back Cover

8.5x11" with bleed 8.75x11.25"


Standard Full Page

8.5x11" with bleed 8.75x11.25"


1/2 Page Horizontal

8.5x5.5" with bleed 8.75x5.75"


1/3 Page Horizontal

8.5x3.625" with bleed 8.75x3.875"


1/4 Page Vertical

4.25x5.5" with bleed 4.5x5.75"


1/8 Page Horizontal

3.625x2.25" with bleed 3.875x2.5"


Print Ad Minimum Requirements:

  • Submit a press-ready PDF, JPG, or TIF including bleed, crop marks and embedded fonts. Include all linked files, fonts and the layout file.
  • Minimum resolution for photographs is 300 dpi (or ppi) at 100% size.
  • Minimum resolution for line art scans is 1200 dpi (or ppi) at 100% size.
  • Convert art to process CMYK colors. Do not leave art in RGB. Adding resolution to art will produce questionable results.
  • Logos or line art should be vector graphics.
  • Type 1 PostScript fonts are preferred. Include the screen font (font suitcase or bitmap font) and all PostScript printer fonts for all typefaces used in your document. True Type or Open Type fonts must be embedded into the PDF. Another option is to convert all fonts to outlines.
  • Build layout documents with CMYK process colors. Do not use spot colors.
  • Create Rich Black with 60% cyan, 40% magenta and 100% black.

Ads must be emailed to:

Simple Layouts

This is a simple layout using your digital logo and adding text. Email the text to be included in the ad and your logo to

If you prefer to pay by check, after filling out the Ad form page, click "Add to cart." From the shopping cart, click "Checkout," fill out the account and billing information, click "Continue to next step," and print out the Review Order page. Make out a check to NCHE and mail it and the Review Order printout to NCHE Thrive!, 8600 Ducksbill Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277.