Foreign Language in Your Homeschool: from the Traditional to the Revolutionary!

2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
General interest to all parents
Parents of struggling learners

Do I have to speak a language to teach it? Which language should I teach? Which curriculum is best and what’s the difference? When should we begin—is kindergarten too early? What about high school and getting credit? Are you using a computer/CD/video program, but your child won’t say anything? Find out why! This workshop will cover foreign language study from kindergarten through high school, the benefits, what to expect from the different curricula, what to look for in a curriculum and how language study can help develop a heart for missions. We will also talk about a revolutionary new approach to language learning that can transform the learning adventure—success for the gifted to the dyslexic student and the magic word—fun—to boot! Learn smarter, not harder!