Encouraging Success in Your Children

2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
General interest to all parents

As homeschooling parents, we feel a great burden of responsibility for our children’s futures. Ultimately, that future is in God’s hands, and our number one goal should be to steer them into a vital relationship with the living God. Yet, as the special people to whom God has entrusted these children’s lives and education, we must learn to discern their unique giftings and probable vocations. In this talk, Jeannie Fulbright shares how to create an atmosphere that draws our children’s hearts to God, how to recognize their unique bents, talents and gifts and how to pass on a vision for their future and empower them to take responsibility for their walk with God, their education and their future. She also covers issues of common concern, such as the unmotivated child and the struggling learner.