What to Do when Your Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan

2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
General interest to all parents

We like things nice and neat, orderly and with a predictable outcome. And while it plays out nicely on television, the honest truth is that most of the time our plans don’t come together. Instead, our plans too often fall apart, disintegrate right before our eyes and leave us dumbfounded and stunned. I’ve talked to plenty of homeschooling parents who were sold a plan. They followed the plan and then later stood before me with tears in their eyes because the plan didn’t come together. “We did everything they said to do,” they say. “We didn’t have TV; we homeschooled; we ate organic; we only wore dresses; we sheltered and protected; our kids played the violin; we emphasized the classics; we never missed family devotions; we emphasized purity; we birthed our children at home; we had a home business,” and on and on the list goes. They feel betrayed, angry and lost. I have to admit that several years ago when I heard their sob stories I inwardly wondered what they had done wrong. I believed that they must have gotten the wrong plan, or didn’t carry the plan out according to the instructions. And while some of that may be true, I know now that sometimes our plans don’t come together because God has a different plan. Join me as we take a honest and humorous look at plans, why they fall apart and what to do when they have.