They Look to You

2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Like it or not, when you’re a homeschool leader, people watch you. Younger moms look to you for guidance and a pattern to follow. They want to be reminded that the sacrifices they make now are worth it, that the young children who are dependent on them will grow up and be okay and that the dark days of monotonous toiling will be replaced by sunny days of success. There are husbands of homeschooling moms who are skeptical of the whole homeschooling idea, who need to see positive examples and be encouraged to be their wife’s knight in shining armor. These young homeschoolers need you to point them to the best materials, the most effective products and the most encouraging speakers. They look to you for answers, affirmation and strength, all the while longing to hear that they are normal for wanting to toss in the towel, for feeling inadequate and for failing to do what matters most. That’s a big order to fill but one that God has called you to. You don’t need to be perfect, just real. Join Todd as he challenges you in the vital role you play as a homeschool leader.