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From the President

A Message from the NCHE President

Are You Training Animals or Discipling Children?

B.F. Skinner with pigeon in laboratory

My wife, Debbie, and I began our journey in home education in 1981, and I have been in homeschool leadership since 1988. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to talk with many homeschool parents over the years. No matter what their religious belief, the general consensus among the vast majority of parents is that each of their children is unique. The combination of their personality, temperament, mental and physical strengths and weaknesses, learning style and intelligence makes each child one-of-a-kind.

Kevin’s Kluge: Toward a Culture of Learning

Last issue I introduced myself to you as NCHE's new president. Prior to the presidency, I served as the education vice president, and my responsibilities were focused on the education and publications committee, which produces this publication and works to keep the website current. As president, my role is greatly expanded, and I am learning more and more about and am directly involved in the hard work that occurs under the leadership of the other vice presidents. For example, the conference committee is very active year-round.

Kevin’s Kluge: What’s in a Name…?

Greetings readers! My name is Kevin McClain, and I am NCHE's newly-elected president. Previously, I served as the organization's education VP, who oversees publications, including this magazine. So, some of my writings have appeared here before. But this is the first issue in which I write as the president; and, let me tell you, it has been more difficult than it should be. You see, historically, the publication has had a personalized name for its presidential column. Therefore, I have had the difficult first presidential task of selecting a column name.

Everyone Wins at NCHE Athletic Commission Events

My family and I attended the recent NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) regional and state basketball tournaments. As always we found this to be a fun experience for the whole family. The NCHEAC does a great job putting together the basketball tournaments as well as those for other sports. Like everything done by NCHE, these events are planned and manned by volunteers who have a passion for what they do. These volunteers work hundreds of behind-the-scenes hours throughout the year keeping the events organized and run professionally.

Hal’s about It: Is There Anything You People Don't Do Well?

In light of all the good news, can we blame outsiders for asking, "Is there anything homeschoolers don't do well?"

Hal’s about It: Happy and We Know It

But for most of us, this is the life. It’s hard work: bothersome at times, downright troublesome days, but generally speaking—a life we’ve chosen and can’t imagine trading.

I discovered a pattern in much of the educational and policy research that confirms homeschoolers’ commitment and satisfaction.

Hal’s about It: So you’re homeschooling?…Wait, don’t answer yet.

Homeschooling is one of many routes to educating our children. When my family started homeschooling eleven years ago, there was no question about which highway we were on—the public and the private schools were on totally separate roadways, and the homeschool path had only been paved for a little while.

Now there are many places where the roads converge. Homeschoolers have more classroom opportunities, and students in traditional schools are finding ways to study at home. More and more students can be found at their kitchen table "doing school," yet not all of them are following the homeschooling route.

Hal’s about It: Civics Class Meets Real Life

Being people who treasure their individual freedoms and realize how jealously those freedoms must be guarded, we homeschoolers have always been a politically active group. From the very start of the modern homeschooling movement, families across the philosophical spectrum have taken a keen interest in the political situation around them.

Jeff's Journal: Life Lessons from the Presidential Election

As I am writing this article, the 2000 presidential election has taken place, but the results have not yet been determined. This is, by far, the most unusual election I have ever experienced. Just like most homeschool parents, my wife and I are using this national election as a teaching opportunity for our children.

Jeff’s Journal: Serving All Homeschoolers

I believe if we were to place each homeschool family into a specific category, we would have as many categories as we have homeschool families. It is this uniqueness that makes homeschool families so special....The subject question has to do with where does NCHE stand regarding the different types of homeschoolers.