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Teens and Alums

Cold Case Resurrection

Why should we believe that Jesus truly rose from the dead? Aren’t there other more reasonable explanations? In this presentation, Jim examines abductive reasoning and provides a template for examining the Resurrection of Jesus. This session will examine the competing explanations for the resurrection and provide guidelines for inferring to the most reasonable conclusion. Participants will develop a proper understanding of the difference between possible and reasonable as they embrace important critical thinking skills.

Why Don't They Believe Like I Do?

Can our children grow up in a homeschool environment and still reject what we've taught them? The answer is: yes. How does this happen? Why do some children reject biblical teaching and develop an unbiblical worldview and what can we do about it? We'll identify those factors in this session and look at ways to equip our children to be able to combat and overcome the attacks on a Christian worldview.

The Importance of Storytelling

Dan Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind points out that our brains are literally wired for story. Is it any wonder that over 60% of the Bible is in story form? In this session, learn the basic parts of a story and why stories have such an incredible emotional impact.

Discovering God’s Will: How to Know What to Do with Your Life

What should I do with my life? What does God have planned for me? The journey of pursuing God’s will must take into account who He’s made us to be, where we live, and our closest relationships. In this session, John helps students pursue a life, not just a living.

Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?

Why do so many young people walk away from Christianity in their college years? What are the challenges they will face in college? Is there something we can do as the Church to help young people hold on to the truth? In this presentation, Jim illustrates the challenge facing young college-aged Christians. This session will also provide an important and unique approach to addressing the dilemma. Participants will learn how to protect themselves and their children from being unduly persuaded by the errant secular worldview.

How to “Break In”—Getting a Job in the Entertainment Business

Many young homeschoolers have a dream of working in the film business as an actor or filmmaker. In fact, they have a unique competitive edge to work in film—if they know how to use it. In this session, we will explore the fastest and most effective path into the business, how to stay strong as a Christian and how to develop character traits that will make you indispensable.

Homeschool to Campus: Ten Things You Should Know Before You Leave Home

Based on interviews with other homeschool graduates, this seminar will help you prepare for the great transition from home to a secular, Christian or community college campus. Learn from the experiences of others and get a more realistic picture of what the transitional years ahead might hold for you. Here are the important practical, social, academic and spiritual skills to focus on now so that you are prepared. Bonus: Kathryn also throws in her perspective on dating, courtship and choosing a spouse!

The Cold Case for God’s Existence

s there enough evidence to conclude that we are living in a universe created by a personal God as described in the Bible? Jim examines lines of evidence from the Cosmological Argument, the Teleological Argument and the Axiological Argument. This session will demonstrate the circumstantial case for the existence of God. Participants will learn how to make three cases for God’s existence and respond to common objections.

Teaching Your Kids to Dream

Dream big. Dream bold. Dream the impossible." These are the words my father constantly reaffirmed as I grew up. In an age of fierce competition and a rapidly changing world, it's never been more important to instill in our kids an early belief that they can pursue and achieve their dreams. In this session, Jon will go over how his parents didn't give him his dreams but supported the ones he had, why homeschoolers have a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace and how we have unprecedented opportunities as Christians in the workplace.

The Most Fascinating Discussion of Grammar in the History of the World (or Your Money Back!)

There is perhaps no subject more intrinsically boring than grammar. Maybe that’s why students don’t get it, and we hate teaching it. In this workshop, you’ll learn that grammar ain’t so hard, and that it can actually (sometimes) be (sort of) fun(ish). Brian will answer the most common questions: why we should teach it, when we should teach it and how we should teach it. Plus, you’ll get to take the World’s Trickiest Grammar Quiz. But wait! There’s more: Brian will reveal the secret that guarantees that your students will never make a grammar error in their writing again!