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Teens and Alums

Mind Games: How Media Messes with Your Mind

Unless you’re Amish or live in a cave, you can’t keep pop culture from seeping into your life. The avalanche of cultural images and sounds comes with such frequency and intensity that you can’t help but absorb the culture’s messages about life. So how do we navigate culture and keep it from being a corrosive influence in our lives? This seminar will show you how.

Truth and Love: What Do I Say to My Gay Friend?

Can we oppose homosexual behavior and love our homosexual friends at the same time? Brett will equip you with the biblical and philosophical arguments against homosexuality while demonstrating the compassion so desperately needed in this discussion.

Egyptian Chronology and the Bible

Many will dismiss what the Bible has to say simply because they believe the Bible can't be trusted in the area of historical accuracy. Egyptian Chronology is the lynch pin for this. This seminar includes the latest in archaeology as it relates to Egyptian chronology and is a great help to those teaching early history.