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Teens and Alums

Teaching Critical Life Skills through Entrepreneurship

Teaching teens to start and operate a business will help them learn valuable life skills: work leads to earning money, creativity, financial skills, organization skills, customer service, etc. Entrepreneurship ties together all of the previously learned core educational competencies into practical application.

The Cold Case Problem of Evil

How can we reconcile the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving God with the tremendous evil that we see in our world? In this presentation, Jim examines five forms of evil (moral evil, natural evil, bodily evil, theistic evil and Christian evil). This session will examine the Christian response to these forms of evil and their relationship to an all-powerful, all-loving God. Participants will better understand the role of evil and how to respond to those who cite evil as an objection to God’s existence.

Noah's Ark: Where Scripture Meets Geology

Do creationists believe in plate tectonics? What do they think about Pangaea? Get up-to-date on the current views and research about Noah's Flood and how it relates to the geological features around us and the topics covered in our science books. Dr. Ross will present key biblical parameters and provide a crash-course on catastrophic plate tectonics.

Amused to Death: Living in a Culture of Perpetual Distraction

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. It dominates everything. But there’s more at stake than just what we see and hear. In this session, John clarifies how entertainment culture changes how we think and know; and then offers a way to thinking and living well amidst all the noise.

Ten Ways to Teach Your Children to Know God’s Will for Their Lives

How can you know God’s will for your life? Many Christians want to know God’s will for their lives, but feel unsure how to discern it. Our children have their whole lives in front of them. They have the opportunity to avoid many mistakes and live for Christ. You can give them the understanding and encouragement necessary to know and follow God’s direction and calling. Come learn ten basic biblical principles for discerning God’s will that you can pass to your children.

The Case for Truth

In a relativistic, pluralistic world, how can we claim anything is objectively true? In this presentation, Jim investigates the nature of truth and tolerance. This session will examine alternative theories of truth and provide a “truth test” to illustrate the difference between material truth claims, moral truth claims and metaphysical truth claims. Participants will learn how respond to relativism in their culture as they come to understand the classic definitions of truth and tolerance.

Have We “Lost” the Culture? God’s Command to Be People of Hope

It’s tempting to look at everything happening in the world and despair. We may want to escape or capitulate, but Christians are called to truth and hopeful engagement. This session offers a practical theology of culture that can guide families as they raise the next generation to make a difference in the world for Christ.

The Incredible Influence of Film and Television

Did you know that more people buy movie tickets in America than all sporting events and concerts combined? Did you know ten movie theaters opened in China today? Did you know that entertainment is America's second largest export? In this session, we will go over the incredible global power of the entertainment industry and how we, as Christians, can harness it to share the gospel worldwide.

Living What We Believe: How to Connect Belief and Behavior

It’s one thing to know the right answers, it’s another to live consistently. In this session, John explores what it means to cultivate virtue in the next generation.

Five Ways God Used Homeschooling to Strengthen My Faith and Prepare Me to Engage the World

There will always be a math lesson, science project or research paper clamoring for your immediate attention. But are you seeing the bigger picture? How is God using homeschooling to work in your child’s heart? In this session, Kathryn shares how God used homeschooling to build her faith and develop her character. Drawing on examples from her own life, she’ll bring a fresh reminder of how the challenges that your child is facing today are preparing him or her for a life of service in God’s kingdom.