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Teens and Alums

God and the Problem of Evil and Suffering

If God really is good and all-powerful as the Bible claims, then why is there so much pain, evil and suffering in the world? Where did evil come from; and why doesn't God do something about it? This challenge is one of the biggest that Christians face. Whether personally experiencing tragedy or encountering a skeptic who raises this objection, everyone needs to be prepared to give an answer. In this talk, we will deal honestly with the force of this objection and show why Christianity offers the best response to the problem of evil and suffering.

Savvy High School Student's Path to College Applications

Colleges really like students who are homeschooled, but understanding everything needed to apply to college can be an overwhelming process. The savvy high school student path has six divisions: 1. classes, 2. activities, 3. summer, 4. tests, 5. college search, and 6. college applications. This workshop will discuss each of these, explain what colleges look for and point out how homeschooled students can stand out!

The Writing Process

What’s the writing process? We will discusses the five stages of the writing process, what skills one needs at each stage, why revision is not a bad word, and how knowing the process encourages writers to work smarter in less time.

The Power of Identity

In Genesis 1:26-27 we look at who we are in Christ. We can know through these Scriptures that we have been created in the image of God. We can learn through Scripture that we are powerful beings because of our identity in Christ. We can learn from Scripture that we are who God says we are. As we apply these Scriptures to our lives we learn to live undefeated. We learn to live positive and productive lives that allow us to be good examples to those around us.