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Teens and Alums

If Considering Military Service, Prepare for Battle

Whether to satisfy a desire to serve in the military or to attain personal development and future benefits, volunteers need to prepare to meet requirements and to increase chances of serving as envisioned. Preparation is especially needed if the applicant desires to be a special operator or a commissioned officer, and even more so, if the hope is to obtain an ROTC scholarship or an appointment to a military academy.

What Is God’s Will for My Life?

First, you're going to be mad; then you'll be thankful. You're going to be mad because this teaching is going to question much of what you understand about the "leading" of the Holy Spirit. But after a careful examination of the Bible, you'll see decision making in a completely new light. By the time we’re done, you will have the tools you need to make sound choices. You will experience a deeper sense of relief and freedom in decision making than you've ever known.

Don't Fight Your DNA

There is a push to walk and talk and sound like everyone else. Yet, God designed us differently for a reason. This talk encourages kids to stop fighting their DNA and learn to trust God as their designer who created them the way He did—with a purpose. This is a fun, even empowering talk about becoming what you were uniquely designed to become. (