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Parents of young children preschool to early elementary

The Quiet Schooling of Nature

We all have a fascinating science resource right outside our doors, but we often overlook it because it is so quiet. Come learn how nature study lays the foundation for science lessons, how to get started and how to keep a nature notebook, plus fun and simple nature study ideas for the whole family.

How Reading Helps Your Child Succeed at Writing

Getting your kids to write and enthused about writing is easier than you think. Learn the following: Why reading and writing are important, how they go together, and some quick, relevant tips to implement both reading and writing into your child's daily life. Reading and writing don't have to be monumental tasks. Be encouraged to do a little bit each day to make a huge impact.

Touch Screen Technology and the Young Child

Touch screen technology effectively removes the keyboard barrier to young children’s access to digital technology. With the touch screen even two-year-olds can play games with the touch of a finger. There are now thousands of apps for the preschool child. Some of the benefits and risks of this new technology will be discussed and illustrated.

Resisting the Urge to Rush

Current long-term research is confirming what many moms instinctively feel—children do better when their formal education is not begun until they are ready. How do we prepare our child for that time or know when it happens? And even more difficult, how do we resist the push from society, grandparents, the nosy next-door-neighbor, or our own enthusiasm, to jump prematurely on the pushing academics bandwagon?

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs/Attachment Disorder

Although geared towards foster/adoptive parents with children who have faced early trauma, this workshop contains great advice for all parents who battle strong-willed and resistant children. Knowing there is no perfect curriculum, no perfect teacher, and no perfect homeschool will help you focus on whether it is more important to win your children’s hearts or win the battle. Join Marty as she unravels the difference with humor and personal experience.

Teaching Reading That Sticks: A Whole Brain Approach

Gain balanced literacy strategies that increase fluency and comprehension. Appeal to the whole child with activities that are multilevel and utilize multiple modalities.

Surviving Struggling to Read

What do you do when school just isn't as easy as it should be? When reading isn't happening when you thought it would? Melanie and her son, Samuel—who learned to read when he was eleven, and is graduating this weekend with academic scholarship offers—talk about the struggle they both had. They will give you hope for the future!

Help for Struggling Readers and Those Trying to Teach Them

Does your son or daughter seem to be faltering in his or her efforts to learn to read? Is it the curriculum? Is it you? Based on current research, this workshop is designed to help parents better understand the most essential elements of the reading process, along with those critical ingredients that must be emphasized to produce a successful, capable reader. Attend this workshop to become a "reading specialist" and to be encouraged in an area many fear.

The Early Years: Homeschooling Your Preschooler

Give your child what is most important. Instead of academic or social pressures, Charlotte Mason encouraged mothers to give their little ones a full six years of developing good habits, getting acquainted with nature, exploring with the five senses, growing in their spiritual lives and more.

Turning Your Preschoolers into Life-Long Learners

Is my child behind if they are not reading by four? Will my child be okay if they prefer to play in the mud instead of write their letters? Join me for a fun and creative presentation that will answer these and many other questions parents have about academic success. I will share how to create an amazing foundation for your child based on the latest in scientific research on brain development. This session will help you prepare your child for lifelong learning, while making wonderful memories along the way!