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Parents of older elementary age/middle school

Surviving Struggling to Read

What do you do when school just isn't as easy as it should be? When reading isn't happening when you thought it would? Melanie and her son, Samuel—who learned to read when he was eleven, and is graduating this weekend with academic scholarship offers—talk about the struggle they both had. They will give you hope for the future!

Help for Struggling Readers and Those Trying to Teach Them

Does your son or daughter seem to be faltering in his or her efforts to learn to read? Is it the curriculum? Is it you? Based on current research, this workshop is designed to help parents better understand the most essential elements of the reading process, along with those critical ingredients that must be emphasized to produce a successful, capable reader. Attend this workshop to become a "reading specialist" and to be encouraged in an area many fear.

Adoption and Homeschooling: One Family's Experience

Adoption is becoming more prevalent, especially among homeschooling families. Many are adopting school-age children and worry about how to educate a child who is behind academically and who very often doesn't understand our culture and language. We have found that homeschooling is the best way to integrate your new child(ren) into the family. We give reasons that homeschooling is the best fit for the adopted child and their adoptive family, as well as some methods to integrate the new child into the family and achieve education at the same time.