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Hormones and Homeschooling: Can There Be Peace? (I Am Not Talking about Puberty)

Are you thriving or just surviving? Do you feel like you are treading water with your nose barely peeking through? Dana will share her journey of being a wife, mother of nine and home educator while struggling with hormonal imbalance, feelings of failure and being overwhelmed. We will discuss both physical and spiritual resources for overcoming these struggles. We can live a peaceful and determined life in the midst of all life throws at us!

Planning You!

Let's face it! We moms take care of just about everything and everyone except ourselves! We attempt to run on fumes. Seemingly this works for a while, but it really doesn't. Compromising our self-care is not without consequence. Ultimately we are not our best selves. HealthTurners is committed to helping you avoid the pitfalls that come along with pushing yourself to the brink. Come expecting to leave with a fresh perspective on the importance of you!

Homeschooling on a Shoe String Budget

Homeschooling need not be expensive in order to be successful. Pat, who published a newsletter entitled BIG Ideas, Small Budget for more than ten years, will share ways that homeschooling families can not only save money, but earn money all while turning daily events into educational experiences! This workshop highlights material from Pat’s book entitled, Plant a Seed, Raise an Entrepreneur.

Homeschool as a Single Mom

Finding herself a widow homeschooling five children, Charlotte shares some of the perspectives and insights of single parent homeschooling. Some lessons learned: adjusting to our current circumstances is not unique to single parents, how to positively embrace and maximize our circumstances, how to deal with reality that is vastly different from our expectations and knowing laughter and tears can intermingle in a healthy way.

Homeschool Moms and Mammon: Our Problem with Money

First, we’ll talk about how we view and handle money. Are we wise spenders or just plain stingy? We will talk about what God would want; then we will segue into how to use homeschooling to make money! Skills you are developing while homeschooling can be a portal to an income. We will discuss the day-to-day grind in using money, our spiritual foundations in our view of it and the hope our witness gives in the way we handle it, and the very practical and concrete ways to add to your family income!

Be the Learner You Want Your Child to Become

Homeschooling moms have a unique opportunity to learn not only what we missed in school but also anything we’ve ever wanted to know. Join me to learn how you can model a learning lifestyle that will speak louder than words. We’ll talk about personal learning goals, strong study skills, keeping a commonplace book, cultivating a beautiful memory and more. No matter what you study—genealogy, horticulture, Latin or art—your children will benefit from seeing exactly how to make learning a lifelong joy.

Homeschooling in the Furnace

Homeschooling can be stressful even under ideal conditions. But when the storms of life hit, it can feel impossible. Laurie wants to encourage you in persevering through the most painful trials of life and share how to prove God's grace in the unexpected disasters, both great and small.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Homeschooling or "All the Things No One Tells You"

You've read the books, researched curriculum, talked to other homeschool parents—you're ready, right? Or maybe you've started homeschooling and discovered that the reality doesn't necessarily match up to what you thought. Should you quit? Come, be encouraged from a mom who has been there, done that, and is still homeschooling after ten years!

Let's Get Organized!

Feeling overwhelmed with the clutter and chaos? Do you wish you could just hire a maid to handle the laundry or vacuum the floors? Do you lose valuable time hunting for things that have been misplaced? We all know that it is hard to keep a house clean and neat when we are homeschooling with all the projects and everyday messes. As a mom of ten, Cathy will share some strategies that will help you conquer the clutter and find a sense of peace in your home.

Single, but Not Alone!

This workshop is for moms who, due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives, are now single and struggling with all of the trials and challenges that come with the decision to homeschool. Debbie and Joanne are going to share their stories about God’s hand on their lives, and encouragement, and ideas for ways to homeschool as a single parent. The focus will be on moms. Also, we will have a Q&A time to learn more about what is needed by single parents.