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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Families Love Travel: On the Cheap!

Does your family have cabin fever but your budget is slim? Take a vacation without breaking the bank: ten proven tips to save hundreds of dollars. Speaker Notes

Teaching Writing across the Curriculum

You know you need to have your children learn to write well, but how can you do that and get all your other subjects done? Easy: make writing part of science, history and literature. Come learn how to easily make writing part of your school day in a way your kids will enjoy.

Taking the Mystery Out of Achievement Testing!

The very word strikes fear into the heart of many homeschool parents. This workshop will demystify the testing process, give you the information you need to choose the test type that best fits your family and offer concrete suggestions for what to do with the test scores once you have them. Come learn how the NC homeschool testing requirement is different from the type of testing done in public schools, understand how different tests work and how to interpret the scores in practical ways.

Homeschooling: Methods that Win and Methods that Wipe Out

This workshop uncovers the reasons why we get discouraged as we travel the road of homeschooling. We tie up heavy burdens, place them on our backs and struggle through each day using overly difficult principles and practices that drag us down. By mid-year, we are so exhausted and depleted that we wonder how we’ll ever get through. Consequently, the joy of following God’s will in homeschooling is missing. This should not be! Jeannie explains how many homeschool moms employ philosophies, techniques and methodologies that consume a great deal of time and energy with little result.

Foundations of a Pro-Life Worldview: Whose Rules Should We Play By?

While the street-level debate over abortion rages on, a serious intellectual discussion about the foundation for human rights continues almost unnoticed. What makes humans valuable? Can secularism provide an adequate grounding for basic human rights? How do natural rights differ from merely positive (legal) ones? These questions are foundational and must be addressed persuasively lest the dehumanizing ideas of the ivory tower become true for the culture at large.

How to Really Love Your Spouse

With candor, humor and sensitivity the Carters discuss biblical love in the context of marriage and how we can work to make our marriages reflect this model. This will be discussed in the context of the differences between men and women.

Relational Wisdom: A Better Kind of Smart

Relational wisdom is your ability to discern emotions and interests in yourself and in others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word and to use this insight to manage your responses and relationships constructively. In this life-changing message, Ken Sande will describe the biblical basis for relational wisdom and show how these skills can enable you to experience closer relationships and less conflict at home, at church and in the workplace, as well as improved team-building, better job performance and a more credible witness for Christ.

Remembering the Reason, Renewing the Vision

A general overview of the challenges, burdens and benefits of homeschooling from a veteran homeschool father and leader. Addressing the potential homeschooler, the new homeschooler, the veteran homeschooler and all homeschoolers in between, Michael Smith outlines the success of homeschooling in academics and socialization, describes legal and legislative advances and concludes that homeschoolers have earned the right to be left alone.

The Relationship between God and Government

Does government matter to Christians? Why is one form of government superior to others? The American Republic and its “rule of law” are the most productive and free ever devised. Why? What are the historical ramifications of rule by referendum or majority in a “pure democracy” and what are the proofs in historical and biblical accounts?

My Beloved and My Friend

Homeschool marriages are breaking up everywhere. How can this be? What is wrong when a family at the forefront of the culture war spins apart? If you homeschool, you know you are in a spiritual battle. Don’t let your marriage be the weak point in your armor. Find out about challenges your marriage may face, and how to work it through, not just to stay together, but to find joy and strength in each other as you mirror the relationship of Christ and the church to your children—and the rest of the world