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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Do Animals Evolve? Evolution Defined and Scripture Confirmed

Is evolution a fact? Our culture says absolutely, causing many to doubt the Bible. How do Christians respond? The answer is to stand on the authority of God’s Word and carefully define the word “evolution.” Then, the deceptive “bait and switch” is unveiled, and it becomes excitingly clear that real science confirms the Bible!

Order in the Heart, Order in the Home

In order to homeschool effectively, there must be order in the home. With a household of eleven, Jessica has had the opportunity to learn by necessity how to keep (relatively) clean clothes on the children, get three healthy meals each day, have school time and still stay sane (again, relatively speaking). From the age of two, her children are assigned a weekly chore. Whether training one child or a houseful, you will find helpful ideas in this workshop on how to organize your home, life and homeschool. The heart of this workshop is how to reach the hearts of your children.

From 12 to 20: Mentoring Your Son from a Boy into a Man

What do you want your son to be like at twenty years old? When he is heading off to college or getting married is probably too late to decide. This session will teach you how to start with the end in mind and provide some practical coaching on how you can maximize the years from twelve to twenty to grab the heart of your son and pour into him those qualities you want to be a part of his character as he moves away from boyhood and into manhood.