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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

The Day I Flunked My Homeschool Kid

Far from picture perfect, homeschooling can be a challenge for even the most organized, patient, godly woman (and Marty used to think she was one!). Rather than focusing on an Ivy League education or earning potential as an adult, Marty’s desire is for her children to be men and women of character, prepared for life as functioning adults with a plan and a purpose. How do you make that happen? Marty will give real life examples and tips from her years of homeschooling.

Homeschooling on a Shoe String Budget

Homeschooling need not be expensive in order to be successful. Pat, who published a newsletter entitled BIG Ideas, Small Budget for more than ten years, will share ways that homeschooling families can not only save money, but earn money all while turning daily events into educational experiences! This workshop highlights material from Pat’s book entitled, Plant a Seed, Raise an Entrepreneur.

Don't Miss the Gift in This Child

Have you ever heard someone say “All children are gifts from God” only to roll your eyes and think “Ha! They don't know what goes on in my house!” If you don't look for God's gifts, you may be missing some of His best. Come laugh and be encouraged to see just what God had in mind when he designed your child. Learn how to see your child through God's spectacles and how to stay focused on God's vision of your child—not the world's.