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2ML (Second Mile Leadership for Men)

Second mile leaders are those counter-intuitive servants of God who earn the right to be heard by developing a consistent love of virtue, a disciplined approach to gratification, and a submissive love for the authority of God’s Word. Male leadership is essential to the success of marriages, families, the church, and society. This session will teach men to: earn the right to be heard, prefer proactivity, reject reactivity, learn to elevate virtues above feelings, build moral muscle, seek forgiveness and develop a finisher’s attitude. It is powerful!

How to Protect Your Family

We live in uncertain and dangerous times, and God has put it into the heart of every man to protect his family. This desire is standard equipment for men. It is God’s divine plan for a man to protect his family. This workshop is not about the Second Amendment. However, we will explore three threats from which we, as men, are called and equipped by God to protect our families.

Is Homeschooling Just for Women?

For many men, homeschooling has been looked at largely as something their wife does. Many believe that if they pay the bills, that is really all that God expects of them. Biblically speaking, what is the proper role for men in the process of home education?

How to Provide for Your Family

Men are called by God to provide for their families, and the tendency is to think only of the bread-winner category. But there’s much more to being a provider than making money. In this workshop, Mark will explore the different ways God has both called and equipped men to provide for their families: from understanding the vision God has given, to providing for emotional and spiritual needs at home, to making plans for the future. Young men, fathers and those in between need to hear this challenge!