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Beginners and inquirers

Homeschooler Identities: Looking at Research

You are a homeschooler, sure, but to what degree is homeschooling part of your identity? Research indicates that the significance placed on the role of parent-educator by homeschoolers varies greatly. This workshop looks at sociological research focused on the homeschooler's identity as a way to discuss and evaluate the diversity that exists within the homeschool movement. This information is useful for developing one's own practices and understanding the practices of others.

Eight Reasons Kids Learn Best at Home

If we started with what the research tells us about how kids learn best and built a school from the ground up, we’d build a home! Learn the critical factors that help explain why homeschooled kids succeed—and what you can do to keep the windows of wonder open in your home.

Seven Things about Homeschooling I Have to Keep Re-learning

Whether you are a beginning homeschooler, or a seasoned veteran, you have core truths that call you back to your greatest success. Join Kristen as she shares her personal list of seven insights she wishes someone had told her about homeschooling. Her passion for homeschooling and encouraging spirit are sure to help you move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE

Spencer will explain the legalities of homeschooling in NC and working with the Division of Non-Public Education, what is required and what is voluntary.

Avoiding Burnout

is a common problem for homeschooling moms. If we want to thrive and persevere in homeschooling, we need to avoid this syndrome. Debbie will explain what it is, what causes it, its symptoms and how to prevent or remedy it. 


Homeschooling for Preschool

When does homeschooling really begin? Do you need a curriculum to homeschool your preschooler? How about some advice on keeping those busy little guys occupied while you are schooling the older kids? This workshop will be a practical look at these youngest members of our homeschool.

What to Do when Dad Isn’t on Board

Amanda shares her own story of a husband who was against homeschooling and will give advice on what to do if: a) Dad is completely against homeschooling, b) He will allow it, but isn't very excited about it, or c) He is supportive, but doesn't offer help.

Getting Started and the Homeschool Law (2014)

Deciding to homeschool is a big decision for a family. Where do I begin? How do I start? What does the law say? Do I need a classroom? Do I have the ability to teach my children? Will they listen to me? Yes, you can homeschool successfully! These and many other questions will be answered by a veteran homeschool dad. This workshop is designed to help you get off on the right foot with your homeschool. Come learn from our experiences!

Learning All the Time: Make Learning a Lifestyle during Childhood

When your children are exposed to schooling as a lifestyle, they will seek to grow in knowledge well past adulthood. Some serious ideas, as well as creative, funny and enjoyable ideas will be shared. The goal of this workshop is to instill that love of learning to go well beyond your years as their teacher.

So Much Curricula, So Little Time

Unit studies, classical, traditional, unschooling, relaxed, eclectic—What are all of these approaches to homeschooling, anyway? How is a parent to choose? “I bought the wrong curriculum, and it’s not working”.“I hate it!” “My friend says that other curriculum is the one.” What do I do? Marji will try to demystify the curriculum jungle and equip you to find the best pathway through it for you and your family—and enjoy the process!