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Letter to Homeschool Grads

“Hi. My name is Susannah, and I’m homeschooled.” It’s kind of weird not having to say that anymore when people ask me where I’m going to school. Now I am still Susannah, a soon-to-be nineteen-year-old, a student at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, a child of God, and oh, yeah—a homeschool graduate. Growing up, being homeschooled wasn’t something I tried to identify myself with, it just ended up happening naturally.

Reflections of a Reluctantly Retired Homeschool Mom

There I was, two years after my youngest had graduated from high school, walking through the annual NCHE book fair. This was the third NCHE conference that I’d attended with no one to buy for and nowhere to apply my new knowledge from all the wonderful workshops. What torture!

Walking through the book fair, wishing that this and that had been available years ago, I painfully remembered all the materials that I had sold at used book fairs—unused. Most of them, I didn’t consciously choose not to use, we just never got around to them.

Kevin’s Kluge, Graduation: a Time for Rest and Respect

It's graduation time, and I have the annual privilege of congratulating another group of young adults and their parents on successfully completing the marathon of providing and receiving a secondary education. It's a great thing to be a graduate. I always enjoy the special graduate issue of GREENHOUSE, as it allows NCHE to recognize our graduates with photos and biographical descriptions. I enjoy getting a sense of each graduate's personality and his or her aspirations for the future; these students are an inspiration to me.