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You Graduated. What’s Next? Pursue Your Dreams with Diligence

On behalf of the NCHE board of directors, I offer congratulations to our graduates! A common question directed to graduates is, “What’s next after you graduate?” Your answers may include: college or trade school, become a missionary, work, start a business, join the military, do a GAP year activity, or even get married. As you graduate and take the next steps toward your dreams, I want you think about having big dreams, I want you to know what biblical success for those dreams looks like, and I want you to follow God’s Word on how you should pursue those dreams.

Helping Your Student Transition from High School to College

Just as you have taken every opportunity to effectively help your student prepare for each stage of his education, now that your student is heading off to college, there's still a bit more parenting work to do.

Being Chocolate Chips in the Cookie Dough of Culture

Today, America is not changing from Christian to secular but from secular to pagan. This is the culture in which we now live. So, what are we as Christians supposed to do? How can we live in such a way that we transform the world instead of simply conforming to it?