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Moments with Mike: Mike’s Moment with the Grads

Each of you has some type of plans for the future. If I were to ask you individually what your plans are after graduation, one might mention college; another would report plans for other technical training; another, a career in a particular field; another, maybe ministry or mission work. The variety of plans that could be made is endless. Or maybe you haven’t quite figured out what your next step will be. If that’s the case don’t despair. I’ll have to admit, I went to college simply because everyone kept telling me I should go.

Your Role in the Unfolding Story: a Pleasant Place and a Witness

Graduation is a time of significance and celebration: a season of labor has yielded fruit—something we have longed for, hoped for, has been achieved. We rejoice! We embrace it and mark the occasion with a ceremony replete with gowns, music, symbolism and speeches. There are two major groups in graduation ceremonies. There is the more active group: those who stand, make speeches, shake hands and even turn tassels, and there are those who are the more passive group: who sit in a chair, read the program, listen and clap. Both of these groups, active and passive, are important.