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Dr. Jeff Myers to Speak at 2014 Conference

NCHE is excited to announce that Dr. Jeff Myers will be one of the featured speakers at the 2014 Annual Conference. Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries, a highly respected worldview training program whose tens of thousands of graduates are making a difference in politics, law, academic, medicine, science, and business. 

NCHE Conference 2013

In thirty years of speaking at homeschool conferences, I had never attended the NCHE conference until this year. I was blown away. The cost of the conference was underpriced; the location was central; the vendor hall was full of more than anyone could expect; NCHE trustees were all engaged and super helpful; volunteers were friendly and knowledgeable; the facility was convenient in every respect, and the lineup of speakers was unparalleled.

Ten Reasons You Should Attend the NCHE Annual Conference

by Amelia Harper and Deborah Wuehler

1. You can gain new ideas and find creative resources. Many vendors reveal new products at the conference. You will find ideas that you have never seen!

2. You can examine curricula offerings first hand. There is no substitute for seeing a curriculum first-hand in order to predict your child’s reaction to it. A curriculum is much more successful if the child is motivated by it!

The Value of the Homeschool Conference

Cheer up! Homeschool conference season is just around the corner!

Homeschool conferences are a great place to learn what went wrong and to share the excitement of what went right during your homeschooling year. You can learn how to get better organized, find new answers to puzzling problems, grow encouraged and do what homeschooling moms love to do most—shop for new school materials!