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Kevin’s Kluge A First for Dr. Bradley: Addressing an Assembly of Homeschoolers

In May NCHE held its thirtieth annual conference in Winston-Salem. As I write this, I am still recovering from the whirlwind of the experience. The conference has been the cornerstone of the service NCHE provides the residents of North Carolina. The conference is a large-scale production, and there are many moving parts, from dozens of vendors and speakers, to hotels and buses and meals—not to mention technological complexities, such as registrations and recordings. The conference committee reviews the process each year, as it seeks ways to make things run more smoothly.

The Value of a Homeschool Conference

Imagine asking a doctor, “Do we need doctors?” or a fire fighter, “Do we need fire fighters?” or a museum curator, “Do we need curators?” Of course each would answer, “Yes!” There is a certain subjectivity with an answer framed from the self-interest of continuing their careers, isn’t there? Even though that is obvious, nevertheless, when we stop and look at the question objectively, we agree that there really is a need for doctors, fire fighters and curators.

OBB to Perform at 2014 Conference