Half Page, NCHE Designed GREENHOUSE Graduation Ad

Give your graduate a memento of their homeschool experience!  

The NCHE Designed Half Page GREENHOUSE Graduate Issue ad is a great way to celebrate your student.  You select and submit up to four photos and 25 words, and our graphic designers will do the rest!  

Half Page Ad—6.75" wide x 4.5" high

Submit up to 4 photos and up to 25 words.

Photo size guideline—Photos should be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi/ppi in a 4x6 format, although photos can be submitted larger.

You will have one opportunity to review your ad and submit suggestions prior to publication.  

Deadline for the 2017 issue is March 30.

Example of an NCHE Designed Ad  

For the 2013 issue, the the Gracia Family submitted photos and text and with NCHE's help crafted this ad to recognize and celebrate their daughter Jessia. 

Ad Files: 
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