GREENHOUSE Graduate Recognition (450)

Since the early ‘90s, NCHE has been recognizing our graduates in our state magazine, Greenhouse Report. We are pleased to continue this tradition by publishing the GREENHOUSE Graduate issue. The basic way to be included is to submit a paragraph of 450 characters or less and a head shot. If you would like to submit a longer paragraph, you can choose the option of up to 600 characters for a extra fee.

The recognition paragraph/bio must start with the graduate’s name, and it is recommended that your first sentence follow a form similar to: Graduate’s name, son/daughter of Parent(s) Name(s) of City, graduates after homeschooling for # years.

450 character recognition paragraph and head shot—$10

As an NCHE member, you will receive a copy of this special graduate issue. If you would like extra copies, you will need to order copies of this special Graduate issue.

If you have any questions about the bio or head shot, contact Ivey Deitz at

Your Character Count: 0 characters

Tips on bios:
  • Omit graduation year if it is the year of the issue. For example, if the submission is for the 2016 issue and student graduates in 2016.
  • Omit "NC" from home city unless it is needed for clarity.
  • Omit “in the fall” in phrases like “will attend UNC in the fall.”
  • Shorten community college names like South Piedmont Community College to South Piedmont CC or SPCC.
  • Use abbreviations for colleges where it is clear, such as UNC, UNCG, NCSU, or UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro, NC State, etc.
NOTE: Numbers below 100 need to be spelled out. (Yes, this actually makes the bio longer, but it is an standard editorial practice we follow.)
A photo of your graduate, to be included with his or her recognition profile in the GREENHOUSE Graduate Special Issue. The photo must be a head shot of the graduate.

Photo size requirement:

  • The head shot must be a minimum of 500 dpi, when sized to 1 in. x 1.25 in.
  • If the file is a jpg or jpeg it should be a minimum of 120 kb, and if it’s an uncompressed tif or tiff file, it should be a minimum of 1.3 mb.
  • You do not need to crop to this size to submit the photo. The editor will do that for you. If the photo needs cropping, which most will, submit the highest possible resolution you can.
  • If in doubt, send the original digital photo. If the photo is copyrighted, a permission letter from the photographer must be included with the photo. If the permission is mailed, you must include a receipt of your purchase.

Files must be less than 50 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png tif tiff.
For office processing. Not included in the issue. Please place Last name first!
In case there are issues with your order, please provide the name, email address and phone number of person to contact in order to resolve.