Graduate Store

The graduation of your homeschooled son or daughter is a momentous occasion and worthy of celebration. NCHE has several ways to help you celebrate this milestone in your child’s life.

Current membership is required to purchase an NCHE diploma, participate in the NCHE Graduation Ceremony, or be included in the GREENHOUSE Graduate issue. If you are not already a member, you can join for any donationThere is a discount for NCHE membership for three out of the last four years at the time the student graduates.  (If the student began homeschooling during high school, the requirement is membership two out of the last three years.) 

Spring Graduation Ceremony

NCHE invites you to commemorate the occasion with your family and with your community of home-based educators, living in North Carolina and beyond. The annual NCHE Graduation Ceremony coincides with the NCHE annual conference. The 2015 Graduation Ceremony will be held Saturday, May 23 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC. The ceremony lasts approximately one hour. Homeschools wishing to participate in the ceremony will need to purchase a graduation ceremony package. This package includes a diploma, cap and gown, a rose for the teacher and the options of a honor cord and announcements.   

  • Graduation Ceremony Announcements
    Invite your family and friends to celebrate your senior’s graduation with our announcements, printed on cream embossed panel cards. Matching name cards printed with your student’s name are included with each order, as well as matching envelopes.


Whether you participate in the NCHE Graduation Ceremony or another ceremony, NCHE prints a distinctive homeschool diploma enclosed in a hunter green cover. This diploma includes the student’s name, school name and graduation date. The homeschool chief administrator will be responsible for signing the diploma to certify that the student has completed high school graduation requirements. You will need to know your graduate’s graduation date when ordering a diploma. NCHE has two times a year in which to order a diploma, fall and spring. 

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GREENHOUSE Special Graduate Issue

NCHE’s magazine, GREENHOUSE publishes a special issue in May that celebrates our high school graduates and alums. To be included, you will need to submit your graduate’s recognition paragraph/bio and photo. You also have the opportunity to purchase a ½ or full page ad in the issue and to order extra copies of this issue for your family and friends.