Dr. Steve Condon

Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Dr. Steve Condon is the new president of Laurel University in High Point, NC. He received his education and degrees from Boston College, Florida State, Alabama, Ole Miss and Harvard Universities. Prior to coming to Laurel, he has served as dean or vice president at Huntingdon, Lambuth, St. Thomas, Reinhardt and LeTourneau Universities. He was the 20th president of Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, Tennessee. During his presidency the college doubled its enrollment, doubled its appraised value and received full SACS accreditation without recommendation. Dr. Condon was National Coach of the Year five times while coaching his team to four national golf titles in Alabama. In 1988 he won the Gold Medal at the World Championships in Rome, Italy; the first USA Team to accomplish this feat. During his nine year career, he coached twenty-seven all-Americans and had a 100% graduation rate. For his achievements as a coach and athletics director, Dr. Condon is nominated for induction into the NCAA National Coaches Hall of Fame this year.