Katherine Barnett

Katherine Barnett has been married to her husband Sam and his military career for over twenty-three years. They have nine children, currently homeschooling six, and have been homeschooling for fifteen years. Their oldest son, twenty-one, is a senior in college studying pastoral ministries, and their youngest son, two, is working hard at potty training. She holds a B.A. in English language and literature and is currently co-authoring a book about the calling of a military wife. She and Sam help lead a ministry within their church that seeks to meet the needs of the military families in the Fort Bragg community. It is their passion to see marriages and families made stronger through the struggles within the military lifestyle by connecting them with Christ. SGM Samuel Barnett has seen more than a dozen deployments totaling over ten years of separation from the family. Training their kids with a foundation of faith in God for this calling has been invaluable in helping them to weather the storms of having their dad gone for more than half of their lives. Encouraging moms to trust God during these types of trials and helping them to understand the biblical mandate for the military to help strengthen their marriages is what she loves best, next to Jesus, Sam and her kids.

Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

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Homeschooling from the Homefront 2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair