James and Tanya Dickens

James and Tanya Dickens have been married for over fifteen years. James was in private practice as an attorney. Tanya was a successful salon owner, and an international educator. They both were workaholics driven by the possibilities of building an empire. James graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia as Valedictorian with a full academic scholarship to Duke University Law School. Tanya had opened a new salon in Greensboro, NC. They both were on a path of unmeasured success. Both from small families, they never dreamed of having four kids. Both being die hard entrepreneurs, they never imagined living a “Leave It to Beaver” lifestyle. Tanya had told James that if he was looking for a “stay at home” wife, she wasn’t the one. However, God had a completely different idea of success in their lives. After nearly ten years of marriage, they decided to adopt a child, but God thought it better that they adopt two. One year and three preschools later, homeschooling became the perfect solution for the Dickens family. After becoming a full-fledged homeschool family and serving on local and state homeschool boards, they decided to adopt a son, but God was certain that they would prefer a little boy accompanied by a little sister. James and Tanya have served on the board of North Carolinians for Home Education for three years, and they are currently the president of their local co-op, High Point Home Educators. 

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