Dr. Victoria Naumann

Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Title Event
Better Brain, Better Behavior 2014 H.I.N.T.S. Book Fair
Better Brain Better Behavior 2013 HINTS Book Fair

Dr. Victoria Naumann has a B.S. in Biology and received her DC (doctor of chiropractic) degree in 1986 from National College of Chiropractic, outside of Chicago. She was in the health care field practicing as a doctor of chiropractic for 22 years. Dr. Naumann has 400 hours of post graduate training in functional neurology. In 2009 with this education, she changed career paths. Dr. Naumann is now executive director of Brain Balance of Greenville and Charlotte.  Brain Balance is a learning center specifically for children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Sensory Challenges. A three-pronged drugless approach is used: sensory motor development, academic work, and nutritional changes. Dr. Naumann frequently speaks to educators and parents on the subject of neurobehavioral disorders of childhood and what can be done to drive development through activities targeted to an individual child's deficits.