Alan Scholl

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The Relationship between God and Government 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Alan Scholl is the executive director and vice president of American Opinion Foundation, sponsor of FreedomProject Education. He is also a member of the American Opinion Foundation board of directors. Alan has been involved in youth education for over twenty-five years. He has served as director or primary speaker at over fifty week-long youth seminars. He has been a keynote speaker for many homeschool, constitutional and political conferences and gatherings and has conducted numerous individual live seminars on American heritage, history, government and culture, among other topics. He has previously served as the national director of a busy nation-wide speakers bureau, and as chief operations officer and director of mission and campaigns for JBS Corporate Operations. Mr. Scholl earned a MBA in business administration in June of 2008, at the University of Phoenix. Alan has served as a deacon in three different churches in Fresno, CA, Livermore, CA, and since 1992 at Grace Baptist Church in Appleton, WI. Alan and Doreen Scholl were married in 1975, have seven children, seven grandchildren, and have home educated for over twenty-five years.