Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern is founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, the founding author of The Lost Tools of Writing, a co-author of the best-selling book Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America, which he wrote with Dr. Gene Edward Veith, and is on the board of the Society for Classical Learning (SCL). Since establishing CiCRE as a research and consulting service to classical educators, Andrew has trained teachers, led board retreats and assisted with institutional development and start up in over 100 schools since 1996. He has been directing the CiCRE Institute full time since the summer of 2000. Andrew helped start Providence Academy in Green Bay, WI in 1993, where he served as “Lead Teacher,” Foundations Academy (now Ambrose School) in Boise, ID, where he served as Director of Classical Instruction from 1996-2000, The Great Ideas Academy in Charlotte, NC, where he served as Headmaster from 2001-2003, and The Regent Schools of the Carolinas where he served as Dean of Academics from 2006-2008. He and his family live in North Carolina.


Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Title Event
You Become What You Behold 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Teaching from a State of Rest 2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Getting the Classical Education You Never Got 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair