Jason Jimenez

Articles by this Author

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Experiencing a Good Marriage Winter 2014 12 Feb 2014

Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Title Event
Firm in Your Faith 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Homeschooling in a Social Media World 2014 H.I.N.T.S. Book Fair
Living Your Faith at Home 2014 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
The Danger of a Struggling Dad 2014 H.I.N.T.S. Book Fair
The Verge: Intellectual Suicide or Biblical Truth 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Jason Jimenez is a pastor, apologist and speaker and has ministered to families for over fifteen years. He is the founder and president of re|shift ministries, Inc., whose mission is to advance Christians to live out a biblical worldview. Jason is the author of The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family, and Country, The Raging War of Ideas Study Guide, and coauthored with Dr. Norman Geisler, The Official Study Guide to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and the soon to be released book, God’s Answers to 100 of Life’s Biggest Questions published by Baker Books. For more information, check out www.reshiftministries.org.