Hope Auer

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The Value of Non-Academic Education 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Hope Auer was homeschooled from pre-K through high school and beyond and had quite the variety of beneficial educational experiences in addition to traditional academic subjects. At the age of twenty, she has six years of experience as a piano teacher (http://hopeful-sounds.com), and is currently serving as secretary of the Cary Apex Piano Teachers’ Association. She published her first historical fiction book, A Cry from Egypt, the spring of 2012 and is working on three more books in the series based on her love for history, research, writing and God’s Word (www.hopefulstories.com, www.acryfromegypt.com). Her book was unveiled in May at the NCHE annual conference where she spoke to over 200 people. She continues to work on writing, blogging, speaking and ministering to those interested in writing and seeking her help and counsel. She lives and serves in her father’s house and continues to be a major part of her younger brothers’ and parents’ lives.