House, Senate & Governor's Page Program

NCHE helps to facilitate the opportunity for teens of NCHE member families to participate in the Governor's and the North Carolina Senate's and House of Representatives' Page Programs by setting aside a week each year as homeschool week and providing help for those who wish to go on their own at other times.

The North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives provides the opportunity for students to find out firsthand how laws are made by helping in an individual senator's or representative's office. These pages must be between the ages of 15 (or in the ninth grade) and 18, must be in good academic standing in their schools and sponsored by a Representative or Senator.

The Governor's Page Program provides an opportunity for students (age 15-18) to find out first hand about the function/operation of state government. Various duties include, but are not limited to: delivering legislative bills, filing, answering telephones, attending press conferences and participation in a discussion with the Governor. The pages also tour a number of state government buildings each day to help further their knowledge of the roles of state government.

All pages serve for one week and are paid. This money goes to cover the cost of room and board while serving. There are homes prepared to host the pages. They generally provide the room and breakfast and supper.

There is a dress code. Young men are required to wear coats and ties, no jeans. Young ladies are required to wear a skirt and blouse, a dress or dress slacks and a blazer, no mini skirts.

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The different programs have different applications and deadlines. To learn about each: