WWHEAT (Waxhaw Weddington Home Educators Are Teaching)

THIS GROUP NO LONGER EXISTS as of July 2013. Please contact HINTSmail@gmail.com for information about another group to join.


The Waxhaw/Weddington Home Educators Are Teaching support group, usually referred to as WWHEAT, was formed in 1993 to serve homeschooling families in the Union County, North Carolina area. Our purpose is to provide information and encouragement for those families who choose to educate their children at home through our web site. Our hope is that members will form close relationships and provide the day-to-day support to one another that helps make the challenging task of homeschooling a little easier.

As a group WWHEAT operates from an explicitly Christian worldview. We invoke God’s blessings on our gatherings, and speakers may briefly share any personal encouragement they’ve received from Him that they believe would benefit others. While we are united by the fact that we all homeschool, we recognize there are a variety of reasons for this decision and that choices in other areas of our lives might be quite different. We do not desire to offend those of divergent beliefs, but wish to make it clear that the group does come from a particular perspective.

Area(s) Served: 
Cities: Mineral Springs, Matthews, Waxhaw, Weddington, Monroe Zip Codes: 28173, 28174, 28105, 28110, 28112, 28104