NC Homeschool Adventures

NC Homeschool Adventures has been planning field trips for the homeschool community for over six years.  It's a BIG WORLD out there and we love to see as much as we can.  Many of these field trip opportunities will be organized for the Greater Triangle Area.  You can choose to participate as much or as little as you would like.  The trips will be targeted to kids into two groups, K-5 (5 y/o to 11 y/o) and 6th-12th grade (12 y/o to 12th grade).  Many of the trips will include both groups and be broken into separate groups during the field trip.  We will do from one to two field trips per month; some will be free and some will cost money.  Most are in the GREATER TRIANGLE AREA, but they span across the state.

We offer some clubs for people in the Lee County Area.  The clubs for the 2012-2013 year include:  Literary Club, Lego Club, American Girl Club, NC Junior Historians and Geography Club.  The Geography Club will participate in the Geography Bee.  We also offer specialty classes from time to time.