EMMA (Enriching, Mentoring, Mastering, and Achieving)

Since formation of EMMA (Enriching, Mentoring, mastering, and Achieving,) in 1996, the classes have functioned as a Christ-centered support system designed to be a helpful aid to homeschooling families.  We strive to offer classes that are both affordable and of a quality to truly enhance the homeschool programs of the participating families.  The parents are clearly recognized as being fullly and solely responsible for their child's education, while the classes are designed to provide a framework for a course of study.  It remains the sole responsibility of the students' parents to meet and comply with any and all requirements of North Carolina's Department of Non-Public Education.  We are a support system, not a school.

This group is a co-op, or has a co-operative component

Hayley Saffer, Registration Coordinator



Area(s) Served: 
Greensboro and surrounding areas