Cary Homeschoolers

Cary Homeschoolers is a welcoming, all-inclusive, secular homeschool support group based in Cary, NC. Membership is open to all homeschooling families in and around the Cary area. We do not require or endorse adherence to any particular belief system, educational method or philosophy.

Our primary purpose is to help our children develop and maintain social connections with other young people in the Cary area. Our over 200 member families meet in-person and use park days, game days, play dates, field trips and classes as our tools to help encourage these relationships. Additionally, we hold regular gatherings for parents to help create a sense of community, as our secondary purpose is to share ideas about homeschooling and to act as a sounding board and source of support for homeschooling parents.

Area(s) Served: 
Southwest Wake County, Cary