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Jul 1, 2004
Mari Fitz-Wynn
July/August 2004
How Do You Spell Homeschool?

Whether we spell home school as two words or one—the new way according to Webster’s—our goals and vision for our children are determined by our vision of homeschooling.

Perspective, Encouragement, Goals
May 1, 2004
J. Mark Fox
May/June 2004
Your Serve!

...we want our sons and daughters to grow up with a heart to serve others. We want them to follow the lead of the Lord Jesus who said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45).

Character, Family Life, Faith
Mar 1, 2004
March/April 2004
The Myth That Changed America

To the surprise of the majority of Americans, the phrase “separation between church and state” is not contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution or any amendment to it, or any other official document upon which our nation and government was founded.

History, Law & Policy, Politics
Jan 1, 2004
Hal & Melanie Young
Jan/Feb 2004
Research Shows Homeschoolers Active in Society

Adults who were taught at home are reporting the homeschool experience has been an advantage to them in later years, and they are finding it is no detriment in college or career ambitions, according to a study just released by the National Home Education Research Institute.

Homeschool Research, Reasons to Homeschool
Nov 18, 2003
Nov/Dec 2003
In Defense of Unschooling

We home educate because we feel “school” hampers our children’s creative, natural learning process that is uniquely their own.

Unschooling, Methods, Perspective
Sep 18, 2003
Sep/Oct 2003
The Way to Sanity with Learning Challenged Kids: C.H.E.E.R. Them On!

Have you been looking for the right key to unlock social and academic progress with your learning challenged child?

Struggling Learners
Jul 22, 2003
July/August 2003
My Journey to Unschooling

Journey—a word that suggests moving from one place to another. That certainly describes our experience with home education. We have not always been in this place of unschooling, living and learning. This is the story of how we got here.

Unschooling, Methods
Jul 16, 2003
July/August 2003
My Homeschooling Story: From Refugee to Pioneer

Davis’ main concern voiced in his article is that even pioneers can lose sight of the real reasons they are homeschooling and slowly become refugees.

Beginner, Perspective
Jul 13, 2003
July/August 2003
Homeschool Field Trip

Following a parting prayer, we are off! It has begun—another family vacation, or, as my wife, the teacher, refers to it, another homeschool field trip.

Vacations, History, Field Trips
May 19, 2003
May/June 2003
The Gaze that Grace Gives

It has been said that a child’s first impression of God is found in the face of his mother. She gazes on him lovingly, ready to meet his every need, willing to sacrifice whatever she must to care for him, nurture him, teach him about his world, protect him, help him to find purpose and meaning in life.

Encouragement, Mothers, Family Life
May 12, 2003
Mar/Apr 2003
Life in the Fast Lane

With childhood innocence she asked this killer question: “Deddy, why do we always go places in the fast lane?”

Encouragement, Family Life, Goals, Character
Feb 13, 2003
Jan/Feb 2003
Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

When I hear the song, “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” from Les Miserables, I need to have a box of Kleenex handy—especially lately. Many homeschooling families I know, including my own, have empty chairs at the table.

Encouragement, Family Life, Empty Nest
Jan 19, 2003
Jan/Feb 2003
The Importance of Arts Education

Ask most homeschooling moms about the fine arts curriculum they are using and the answers will range anywhere from “What arts curriculum?” to “Arts? I barely have time for math and science! Who has time for the arts?”

Jan 6, 2003
Debbie Mason
Jan/Feb 2003
Teaching Math at Home

Three of the goals that I had for my homeschool were that my children would love to learn, know how to learn and be allowed to learn at their own pace. I saw many problems that were caused by children being pushed to do something before they were developmentally ready. We often see children pushed in reading, but it also happens with math.

Practical Helps, Math
Nov 1, 2001
Lorie Codispoti
November/December 2001
High Alti-TUDEs Make It Hard for Everyone to Breathe

Embracing a bad attitude is like going on a mountain climbing expedition. The moment you lay claim to the bad attitude a transformation process begins.

Goals, Perspective, Character, Faith
Nov 1, 2001
November/December 2001
Is Homeschooling a “Blast from the Past”?

As I sat watching the movie with one of my best friends, a non-homeschooling mom, I became uncomfortably aware of the similarities between raising a son in an underground bomb shelter and raising him in a homeschooling environment.

Encouragement, Perspective
Nov 1, 2001
November/December 2001
Gaining Confidence in Our Homeschooling

This article will discuss reasons to have confidence in our homeschooling, why it is sometimes difficult to develop and maintain confidence, and how we can increase our confidence.

Reasons to Homeschool, Perspective, Encouragement
Nov 1, 2001
November/December 2001
HOW CAN I EDUCATE MY CHILD AT HOME? The Way It Can be Done at From Five to Ten Years of Age--Part 3

The mother in her teaching does not need much theory of education. She is not dealing with the theoretical child, but with the child as he really is.

Do not hurry the child along in number work. The secret of real progress is not in how much the learner gets in a day, but in learning a little every day, and in learning it so well that it is a part of his everlasting mental store and so clearly understood that no such thing as review is necessary.

Reasons to Homeschool, Methods, Math, Science
Sep 1, 2001
September/October 2001
HOW CAN I EDUCATE MY CHILD AT HOME? From Five to Ten Years of Age--Part 2

Editor’s Note: This article is the second part of a three part series that was first printed in The Ladies Home Journal in September, 1913. Part 1 was reprinted in the January/February issue of the Greenhouse Report.

by:  Ella Frances Lynch

Reading, Spelling, Poetry, Methods
Sep 1, 2001
J. Mark Fox
September/October 2001
Before the Fire Will Fall!

But is there anything we can do to improve our chances of raising young men and women who are mighty in spirit? I think so.

Fathers, Family Life, Faith, Character, Parenting
Sep 1, 2001
September/October 2001
Do Less, Achieve More

Most people make their New Year’s resolutions in January. I make mine in August. The start-up of the new homeschool year is a much bigger event to me than the change of calendar years....This year, however, I will try to do things differently. The Lord spoke a little four-word sentence into my heart as I read my daily devotional book, God Calling, a few weeks ago. “Do less, achieve more.”

Encouragement, Perspective, Back to School, Goals
Jul 1, 2001
Jeff Townsend
July/August 2001
Jeff’s Journal: Continue to Tend the Plant

When a gardener decides to plant the flower into the garden and completely expose it to the outside environment, the care does not stop. The gardener will continue to care for the flower, but on a more limited basis.

Perspective, Empty Nest, Parenting, Law & Policy
Jul 1, 2001
July/August 2001
Bring History to Life!

For your next family outing, why not consider a journey back in time? Even better, you can “hide” your history class in the guise of a trip to the eighteenth century through historical reenactment.

May 1, 2001
May/June 2001
The Final Test: Or Is It?

The long awaited letter had finally arrived - funny how one piece of mail could cause so much anxiousness in a household.

High School, Goals, Perspective, Methods
May 1, 2001
May/June 2001
Achievement Test Scores: Help or Hindrance?

Any day now, a large envelope containing the results of the standardized achievement tests administered earlier this year will appear in the mailbox of home educators across the state.

May 1, 2001
J. Mark Fox
May/June 2001
Are We Doing It for You, Daddy?

“Are we doing it for you, Daddy?” There are lots of applications for Judah’s simple question, but one that comes to mind is our motive for homeschooling.

Reasons to Homeschool, Faith, Encouragement
May 1, 2001
May/June 2001
Inspiring Your High Schooler to Love Learning

Our number one educational goal (as opposed to spiritual goals) was to preserve the desire to learn in each of them.

Reasons to Homeschool, Methods, Goals
Apr 22, 2001
March/April 2001
Lifelong Learning

“It's tempting to think at graduation time that your education is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. One hundred years ago people thought of work as a job. Fifty years ago, work became a career. In the future, work for the most successful among us will be an exercise in lifelong learning.”

Perspective, Encouragement, Parenting, Methods
Jan 1, 2001
Jan/Feb 2001
How Can I Educate My Child at Home? The Way It Can Be Done from Five to Ten Years of Age--Part 1

Reprinted from the August 13, 1913 issue of The Ladies' Home Journal.

THE chief occupation of the mother should be the education of her child, and rare is the teacher whose qualifications make her teaching equal to that of the mother.

Reasons to Homeschool, Methods, Reading, Poetry
Jan 1, 2001
Jeff Townsend
Jan/Feb 2001
Jeff's Journal: Life Lessons from the Presidential Election

As I am writing this article, the 2000 presidential election has taken place, but the results have not yet been determined. This is, by far, the most unusual election I have ever experienced. Just like most homeschool parents, my wife and I are using this national election as a teaching opportunity for our children.

From the President, Politics, Thanksgiving, Character