May/June 2001

May/June 2001

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 to Saturday, June 30, 2001

GREENHOUSE is NCHE's flagship publication. 

GREENHOUSE magazine is published quarterly, with an annual graduate special issue published in May. That's five issues, each containing at least 40 pages of full color for $3 an issue.


Issue Articles

The following articles from this issue are available online:

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Inspiring Your High Schooler to Love Learning

Our number one educational goal (as opposed to spiritual goals) was to preserve the desire to learn in each of them.

Reasons to Homeschool, Methods, Goals
The Final Test: Or Is It?

The long awaited letter had finally arrived - funny how one piece of mail could cause so much anxiousness in a household.

High School, Goals, Perspective, Methods
Achievement Test Scores: Help or Hindrance?

Any day now, a large envelope containing the results of the standardized achievement tests administered earlier this year will appear in the mailbox of home educators across the state.

Are We Doing It for You, Daddy?

“Are we doing it for you, Daddy?” There are lots of applications for Judah’s simple question, but one that comes to mind is our motive for homeschooling.

Reasons to Homeschool, Faith, Encouragement